BlackBerry 10 Listed as Coming Soon to the UK

Users can already re-register for updates on availability at The Carphone Warehouse

Wireless carriers in the UK are not the only ones committed to bringing Research In Motion’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices to shelves in the country, but retailers will join the party as well.

The Carphone Warehouse has already announced plans to make the upcoming smartphones available for purchase for its users.

Users can already see a pre-registration page available on the retailer’s website, where they can leave their email address and phone number to receive updates on the platform’s availability.

BlackBerry 10 promises a wide range of enhancements when compared to what RIM’s current mobile OS flavors have to offer, but users will still have to wait over a month before it is officially introduced.

In fact, RIM has already announced plans to launch the platform and smartphones running under it during a global event set for January 30, 2013.

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