BlackBerry 10 Gets Amazon Kindle App

The app will enable users to find, purchase and read books on the go

Just as promised back in January, the Amazon Kindle application is now available for the owners of BlackBerry 10 devices, the Canadian mobile phone maker has officially announced today.

Just as on other mobile operating systems out there, the application should provide users with the possibility to easily read Kindle books on their devices, while also enabling them to find and purchase new books from the Kindle store.

It will also offer syncing with the Kindle account, so that users could start reading on one device and continue on another, while delivering samples of books to people so that they would decide easier what they want to purchase.

The Amazon Kindle app can now be found on this page in the official BlackBerry World app store which, as of today, has over 100,000 apps already available for BlackBerry 10.

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