BlackBerry 10 Confirmed to Sport BBM Video Capabilities

The feature will work similarly with BBM Voice in BBM 7

One of the new features that Research In Motion’s BlackBerry 10 operating system will arrive on devices with will be support for video chatting in BlackBerry Messenger, it seems.

The feature was rumored not too long ago, and has been recently confirmed in a leaked internal doc that emerged over at CrackBerry.

Users will be able switch to a video call while chatting with their friends in the BBM list, for “improved collaboration and share a presentation or spreadsheet instantly to help get the message across more clearly,” said document unveiled.

Those who had the chance to take the BBM Voice feature in the new BBM 7 for a spin will enjoy a similar experience when BBM Video will be available, it seems.

All the necessary info on this should become official on January 30, 2013, when BlackBerry 10 is launched, so stay tuned to learn more on it.

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