BlackBerry 10 Apps and Features Demoed on Video

The video and music apps, BlackBerry Hub, browser and more

Canadian mobile phone maker Research In Motion still has a lot to unveil on its upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system, but info on it is already pouring in.

The latest details on the platform come from Claudio Roselli, regional senior product manager at RIM Spain, who showcased the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B device to muycomputer.

People who will have a look at the clip, which can be seen embedded above, will learn a few more details on some of the core apps in the platform, such as the video and music applications.

Furthermore, they will also have a look at the BlackBerry Hub and at the browser packed inside the operating system, along with a glimpse at the clock app and at the OS’ lock screen.

RIM’s new mobile operating system will be officially launched on January 30, when the first two devices to run under it will be announced.

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