Black and Cyan Lumia 920 Now Out of Stock at AT&T

Red, Yellow and White versions still listed as available

Wireless carrier AT&T appears to have had some great Lumia 920 sales in the past weeks, with the device continuously running out of stock at its stores.

Today, both the Black and Cyan flavors of the smartphone are listed as unavailable for purchase on the wireless carrier’s website, without a specific date when they will return to the storefront.

Users interested in the purchase of Lumia 920 will have to choose between the Red, Yellow and White versions, which appear to be available still.

Not only is the device itself highly appealing, but the price tag at which AT&T has launched it also seems like a great deal: $99 on a two-year contract.

Those of you who would like to purchase the Lumia 920 in any color should check on its availability on AT&T’s website or at its retail locations.

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