Beats Music to Arrive on Windows Phone This Friday

Beats CEO has officially confirmed the availability of the WP app

Today, the Beats Music service made its official debut in the United States, and it is currently available for the owners of Android and iOS devices.

However, Windows Phone users will also be able to enjoy the features of the service, starting with this Friday. The info comes from Beats CEO Ian Rogers, who posted said info on his Twitter account, as WPCentral reports.

While no official info on why Beats Music has been delayed on Windows Phone has been provided, the good news is that it will be arriving before the end of this week.

The service will allow users to enjoy streaming of music for a monthly fee, but it comes at no cost for the first 7 days of use. AT&T customers, however, will enjoy a 90-day trial.

Mobile users will be able to stream mixes and playlists on their smartphones, discover new songs, share content with their friends, and the like.

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