BBM in BlackBerry 10 Features Recommended Contacts

Users will be able to easily invite contacts to BBM

One of the features that Research In Motion’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system will arrive on devices with is Recommended contacts on BBM.

Apparently, RIM has decided to enhance the feature that was available for PlayBook users through the Video Chat app (which shows to users which of their contacts have video chat), and also gave it a new name.

It is available in BlackBerry Messenger for BB10 under the name of Recommended contacts tab, where contacts with BBM are listed.

The feature provides users with the possibility to easily invite contacts, berryreview reports, yet it does not share the users’ PIN. BBM for BlackBerry 10 will maintain compatibility with previous versions.

With usage of BBM expected to expand greatly next year, it does not come as a surprise that RIM has finally decided to bring some enhancements to the service and apps for it.


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