App Folder for Windows Phone Now Available for Download

The update brings changes to the toggle application title default option

We reported less than two weeks ago that Samsung updated the App Folder application for Windows Phone 8 operating system with a single improvement: support for Windows Phone 8.1

Recently, the application has received a new update that brings another single change, which is mentioned in the official changelog published by Samsung on Windows Phone Store.

According to developers, App Folder version brings a small change to the default option for displaying app titles for each folder.

Aside from that, no other changes have been confirmed, so if you were expecting new features or bug fixes, you will most likely not find any in this update.

However, there’s a slim chance that Samsung made some under the hood changes that were not mentioned in the official changelog, though we doubt that this is the case here.

In any case, have you captured the update? Have you noticed any changes aside from the one mentioned by Samsung in the official changelog? Please share any details with us in the comments.

You can now download App Folder for Windows Phone for free via Windows Phone Store. Keep in mind that the application is only compatible with devices powered by Windows Phone 8 and up.

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