Angry Birds Star Wars Update Adds Biggest Boss Fight Ever Featuring Lord Vader

Rovio has also announced that 30 new levels are now available for players

The team behind one of the most popular franchises in the mobile gaming, Rovio, has just announced that new content is now available for Angry Birds Star Wars game.

According to the developers, there are 30 new levels available for players. Rovio has also confirmed that this is “the final battle against the Pig Empire,” so there’s no telling whether the game will continue to receive free content updates.

There are also 15 space battles featuring a massive Imperial Star Destroyer, plus a final 15 Death Star levels that will turn players into true Jedi Masters.

The latest update brings the biggest boss fight ever where players will have to use their Jedi skills to defeat the fearsome Lard Vader and Emperor. In this conclusion of Angry Birds Star Wars, players will also find out who’s behind Lord Vader’s mask in the big finale.

You can now download Angry Birds Star Wars for Android 1.5.0 for free via Softpedia. Keep in mind that the game should be fully compatible with all devices running Android 2.3 and up.

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