Android’s Usage in Australia Now Higher than iOS

Android also accounted for the highest amount of smartphone sales in the country

Google’s Android operating system is leading the smartphone market at the moment, with around 75 percent market share, and is expected to maintain momentum.

In Australia, the platform accounted for over 67 percent of the smartphone sales, and is said to be the most used OS there.

According to data coming from research firm Telsyte (via Ausdroid), Android is present on 44 percent of smartphones in use in the country, sending Apple’s iOS platform to the second position.

Furthermore, iOS, which enjoys 43 percent market share in the country, is expected to see decline, although the smartphone market in Australia will continue to grow.

However, Apple’s iPhone will manage to keep its margin for a while longer, since users are said to have the tendency to repeat the purchase intention, which drives re-contracting with wireless carriers.

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