Android L Keyboard Gets Published in Google Play

It is not an official release, but should work with Android 4.0 and up devices

Earlier this week, Google made official a new version of its mobile operating system, in the form of Android L, which comes to the devices with a nice range of enhancements, including a brand new keyboard, which has been already released in the Google Play Store.

Make no mistake, which is not an official release, coming from Google themselves, but rather a port of the keyboard from the Android L Developer Preview that went up for download a few days ago.

“The keyboard from the Android L Developer Preview, modified to run as a standalone app by Chrisch1974 and I. Free, no ads, no bloat,” the app’s description in Google Play reads.

Those who would like to download and install the application on their devices should know that it does not require root.

The software is available as version 3.1.20004.1236599 at the moment, and should be compatible with all devices running under Android 4.0 and newer platform iterations.

After installation, users should go to Settings > Language & Input (or Keyboard) to turn the Language & Input on. Then, they can change its Colour Scheme to "Material" in advanced settings (they will need to scroll all the way down to the bottom).

“To use, go into somewhere you can type, drag down your notification bar and switch the keyboard there,” the app’s description also reads.

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