Android 4.2 Now Available for Sprint’s Nexus S, Unofficially

Most things work, but the phone could exhibit unexpected behavior

Android 4.2, the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system, will not be released for Nexus S devices, at least not officially.

However, those who own such a device will be able to grab the platform through custom ROMs, and one of them is already available for the Sprint Nexus S 4G handset.

The ROM has emerged over at XDA-Developers, and its developer notes that the device boots up in it, and that it also shows working touchscreen, GPS, system and music audio, microphone and data.

The handset can also make calls and send texts, though the call audio might not work very well, and there is also a series of other issues (weird behavior) that users will encounter.

The Android 4.2 port for Sprint’s Nexus S clearly needs some more work, the developer says. Read all about it on said forum thread.

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