Android 4.2.2 to Arrive in a Few Weeks

No specific info on what it might include has emerged

Mountain View-based Internet giant Google is reportedly gearing up for the release of the next flavor of Android in the coming weeks, and might push it to Nexus 4 first.

The new OS version, supposedly called Android 4.2.2, will hit devices with a series of minor enhancements packed inside, it seems, yet specific info on the matter hasn’t emerged so far.

The operating system is expected to arrive on Nexus 4 devices over-the-air as build JOP40G, Android Police claims.

Furthemore, iDigitalTimes claims that Google has already pushed the new OS to Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 devices internally.

Previous reports suggested that Google was planning on resolving some issues with the Bluetooth connectivity of Android devices in the new platform version, but it remains to be seen what exactly Google has in store for users before Android 5.0, which is rumored for the second quarter of the year.

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