Android 4.2.1 Factory Image for Nexus 4 Returns to Google’s Servers

This is the same file that was made available for download last year

Back in December, Google decided to remove the Nexus 4 factory image from its servers without providing an official explanation on the matter, but it seems that the file is available for download once again.

Those who head over to this page on Google’s Developer website will see the factory image “occam” for Nexus 4 listed as available for download, enabling those with bricked devices to restore them to their working state.

Apparently, this is the same file as the one made available last year, at least this is what the Android version, checksums, and build number indicate.

Although the file had been removed from Google’s servers, users could find it available for download through various sources in the Android community, a post on rootzwiki notes. However, it’s always good to have such images available through an official source, that’s for sure.

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