Android 4.1 Arrives on Galaxy Note in South Korea

Samsung did not offer info on when it will be released outside the country

Today, South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung announced the availability of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for its Galaxy Note handsets in the homeland market, in addition to making it available for the Galaxy S III units in the country.

The mobile phone maker announced the availability of this update for all handset versions in the country (as well as for Galaxy S III), adding that the roll-out will be a sequential one.

Galaxy Note users will enjoy a nice range of enhancements following the upgrade, including the Google Now feature, as well as various performance improvements throughout menus and applications.

Unfortunately, no specific info on when the update will arrive on devices outside South Korea has been provided, but it should not be too long before the leading vendor makes the global deployment of Android 4.1 official.

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