Android 4.0 Leaks for AT&T’s Galaxy S II Too

The official Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for AT&T’s original Galaxy S II emerges

More AT&T customers can now take advantage of the latest Android platform out there, namely Ice Cream Sandwich.

Although not officially, the operating system is now available for download for the owners of Galaxy S II as well, following its availability for Galaxy S II Skyrocket a few days ago.

The Ice Cream Sandwich ROM has leaked for the original Samsung Galaxy S II as well, courtesy of the guys over at RootzWiki.

Apparently, this is an official Android 4.0 build for the device, although AT&T and Samsung have yet to announce anything on its availability.

For the time being, users can flash it using Odin through their Windows PCs. However, they will do so at their own risk, and they will be the only ones to be held responsible if anything goes wrong.

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