Amazon Mobile for Android Gets Bug Fixes, New Features

Users can now track their packages much easier with push notifications

A new flavor of the Amazon Mobile app is now available for download through the Google Play Store, with a series of bug fixes packed inside, as well as with some appealing new features in tow.

The new app release comes with a fix for the bug that prevented the app from opening on some handsets, while also causing it to crash.

Furthermore, it now offers users the possibility to search, view, or shop items from their friends’ wish list. Users can also bookmark lists for easy reference, or can create and share their own wish lists with their contacts.

Additionally, the new application flavor was packed with a new tracking feature, so that users would know at all times where their package is.

“Turn on push notifications for when your package ships from Amazon and when it’s delivered. Plus get a daily notification for lightning deals. (Requires Android OS 2.2 & above),” Amazon notes.

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