Allegedly Leaked Metal Frame of an Unannounced Galaxy Phone Emerges

It might be a body part designed for Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 4

Earlier today, leaked photos of what was considered to be the metal frame of the iPhone 6 emerged online, though it appears that it might be, in fact, the chassis of a future Galaxy handset, provided that it is real.

We have already noted that the leaked images showed a metal case far from what current Apple products include, and a report from confirms that things could indeed be different.

The news site compared the leaked photo with a shot of Galaxy S4’s chassis and discovered a striking resemblance, suggesting that the frame might actually come from a future phone from the South Korean vendor.

There’s no telling on whether this will prove to be the long-rumored metal frame of Galaxy S5 or that of another Galaxy handset, so we’ll take it with a grain of salt for the time being.

However, it seems more likely that we’re looking at a part designed for a Samsung device than at one aimed at a new Apple phone.

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