Alleged White Nexus 4 Makes a Photo Appearance

The handset has been previously mentioned at The Carphone Warehouse

Nexus 4, the latest Google phone out there, went up for sale yesterday in various markets around the world, but stock was exhausted fast.

While waiting for new shipments to arrive in warehouses and for the device to become available once again, users should also keep an eye out for a white flavor of the mobile phone, which has reportedly made an appearance online.

While the back of the device is not visible in the aforementioned photo, available courtesy of Android4fans, the phone’s edges can be seen all dressed up in white.

There’s no telling on whether this is a fake photo or a real device for the time being, but with The Carphone Warehouse having already mentioned the pale flavor of Nexus 4 on its website, chances are that Google and LG are indeed gearing up for launching a new model soon.

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