Adobe Flash Player 11.1 Now with Android 4.0 Compatibility

The latest update brings performance improvements, bug fixes

Adobe has just announced the availability of a new flavor of their Flash Player 11.1 for devices running under Google’s Android operating system.

The company has made the platform available for download via the Android Market, where users will find it as version if their devices run Player Android 2.x or 3.x, or as version if the device is based on Android 4.0.

The release notes for the new application flavor shows that there are some performance improvements that users will benefit from, along with fixes for issues related to security and stability.

Moreover, the release notes show that the latest update to Adobe Flash Player 11.1 offers compatibility with Android 4 supported devices.

Unfortunately, there still are a series of issues that the software comes with on Ice Cream Sandwich, and users who will download and install it should be aware of them. You can access the full release notes for Flash Player 11.1 on Adobe’s website.

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