AT&T Fires Up 4G LTE in San Francisco

The carrier is expanding its 4G services to additional markets

AT&T is covering more of the United States with 4G LTE services, with San Francisco being the latest market to benefit from it.

Earlier this week, the wireless carrier made its 4G services available for users in New York City, and the company has now fired it up in the San Francisco area as well, although no official announcement on the matter was made.

Chances are that the carrier was only testing the service, to see how it works in the new market.

One way or the other, those who got a taste of it suggest that things are moving pretty fast, and that users will benefit from a great experience when it all goes online for good.

There are also appealing devices to enjoy with the new network, including the Samsung Galaxy S Ii Skyrocket or the HTC Vivid.

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