ASUS Is Interested in Windows Phone, Considers Loading It on PadFone [WSJ]

The company hasn’t confirmed a release timeframe for a Windows Phone device

Computer maker ASUS is one of the latest companies to announce an interest in Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, after LG confirmed earlier this week that it was considering the launch of such devices before the end of the year.

However, speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Benson Lin, corporate vice president of mobile communication products at ASUS, hasn’t provided specific details on when it might actually bring such a device to shelves.

One thing that he did say, however, was that the company was interested in finding a way to load Microsoft’s platform on its PadFone device, which is both a smartphone and a tablet PC.

Windows Phone does not offer support for large screens, which would make the task a bit difficult, though Windows 8 might be included in the mix too, or a future OS from Microsoft, which would fit both small and large screens.

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