48% of Windows Phone Users Don’t Use Bing on Their Smartphones

Kantar ComTech research company claims that only 52% are using Bing

Although Bing search has seen a slight growth in the United States, Microsoft still has to improve it further if it wants users to take advantage of its own search service.

According to Kantar ComTech research company, almost half of Windows Phone users prefer Google Search or other search engine over Bing.

As NokiaPoweruser points out, thanks to the deep integration of Bing into other Microsoft products such as Xbox, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, Bing’s search share has increased by 18% in the United States.

No less than 52% of Windows Phone users are taking advantage of Bing search and the good news is that these numbers increase every month.

With 48% Windows Phone users who prefer other search services, Microsoft has a lot to work to do in order to bring Bing to at least 75%.

Fortunately, Windows Phone platform has seen tremendous growth in several markets, which motivates Microsoft to improve its services even more.

There’s no doubt that, if Windows Phone continues this trend, Bing will reach an even higher search share by the end of this year.

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